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Post  chickenherder on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:39 am

Here is a list of some frequently asked questions that could help you if you have any issues:

Q: What are points?
A: Points are values gained by receiving profile messages, gaining friends, posting on topics, making topics and you are given one free point each day while you're registered. Points can also be used at the Point shop for extra features. Here is a link to the point shop:

Q: What is reputation?
A: Reputation is gained by people voting up your posts with the plus symbol. People can also cause you to lose reputation by voting down your post with the minus symbol. The plus and minus symbols can be found in the top-right corner of each users post. If someone "thanks" your post, you will gain +3 reputation.

Q: What is the thanks button?
A: The thanks button is for people who would like to show acknowledgement towards somebody else's post. It will gain the original poster three points to their reputation.

Q: I have an idea for the forum, is there a way I can contribute?
A: Yes, there is! Post your ideas here:

Q: Why do I have stars under my name?
A: These stars indicate your current rank. Your rank increases with the number of posts (not including deleted posts) you have posted on topics. You need a minimum of five posts before you gain the first (one-star) rank of 'Newbie'. After thirty posts you will acquire the rank of 'Member'. There are higher up ranks but the minimum number of required posts is hidden to stop the temptation of unnecessary posts and topics.

More questions and answers will be posted in further updates. If you need help with anything that isn't answered here, or isn't answered clearly enough - feel free to message a moderator or an admin. Smile

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